Dependence of Production Properties of Simmental Cows on Types


  • Murodqosimov J. I
  • Sattorov F. R.


Studies have shown that the level of milk productivity, the nature of the course of lactation, the yield of dairy products per 100 kg of live weight and the level of payment for feed with dairy products of Simmental cows are interconnected with body types. In dairy cows, milk yield per lactation is 672.5 and 958.5 kg, respectively, 4% milk is 507.4 and 735.4 kg higher, milk yield per 100 kg of live weight of milk is 164.9 and 228, 7 kg more than that of their peers of milk-meat and meat-and-milk types. The highest monthly milk yield in cows of dairy type was noted in the third month, in cows of milk-meat and meat-and-milk types in the second month of lactation. This indicates that in cows of the dairy type, lactation proceeded more evenly than in other types of peers. The data obtained testify to the high efficiency of the use of dairy cows for the purpose of milk production.




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