Dialectic of Consciousness and Unconsciousness In Human Being


  • Kurganboyev Shukrillo Makhmudillo o‘g‘li assistant of the Department of “Humanities”
  • Isomiddinov Sanjarbek Akhtamovich third year student of “Jurisprudence” undergraduate education Andijan institute of agriculture and agrotechnologies, Andijan district, Uzbekistan


philosophy, mind, unconsciousness, subconscious, dialectics, psyche, psychoanalysis, being, social life, problem, subject, person.


The relevance of this article is due to the problem of consciousness in the history of philosophy, including the dialectic of consciousness and unconsciousness in the human being, directly to the general historical tendency to increase the role of subjective factors in social life (this is an individual or social group), where the level of social reflexivity, the level of development play an important role. The main goal for the subjects of action, its implementation in a conscious and organized way. The successful solution of these problems cannot be understood without a comprehensive in-depth study of the subconscious, which is projected not only in the human psyche, but also in social processes.




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