Understanding the Concept of International Ecotourism


  • Irisboyev Shokhrukhbek Nurmuhammad uglu Namangan State University Faculity of Econimics Hotel Management Master’s degree student


sustainability, international ecotourism, qualitative, outcomes of ecotourism, environmental conservation, preservation, limitation, socio-cultural, factors


Ecotourism is an important part of sustainable tourism and is important by protecting the environment, preserving cultural heritage and supporting the local economy. This article is devoted to a broad study of the concept of international ecotourism. The main purpose of the research is to analyze the economic, ecological and cultural impact of ecotourism and to identify the opportunities and problems of its development. A deeper understanding of the importance of ecotourism and its global application can be gained through scientific literature and case studies from different geographical regions. The results of the research show the specific characteristics, positive and negative aspects of ecotourism in different countries, and provide recommendations for further development of this field. This paper makes a significant contribution to academic research and practice in sustainable tourism and provides a framework for future research.




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