Unique techniques and active use of legs in Taekwondo


  • Khusen Ibod o’g’li Zhuraev second-year master’s degree Turkistan Pedagogical University




All workouts are accompanied by systematic warming up of muscles and ligaments, the article reveals the principles of taekwondo - respect (politeness), a direct kick, also known as a front kick or front kick - in martial arts, a type of kick that is performed with a rotational or swinging movement along a straight path . Thus, aerobic exercise allows you to normalize body weight: in thin people, muscle mass increases, and in overweight people, adipose tissue turns into muscle. This gives a beautiful muscle relief. Taekwondo is characterized by high repetitions and little resistance to overcome. Didactics - reveals the patterns of assimilation of knowledge, abilities, skills and the formation of beliefs, determines the volume and structure of the content of education. The main question of didactics is formulated in different ways.




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