Object of the Crime of Spreading a Genite or Hiv Disease/Aids


  • Khaydarov Shukhratjon Djumaevich Acting Professor of Department of Criminal law, Criminology and Anti-corruption of Tashkent State University of Law Doctor of Philosophy in Law (PhD)


crime, sexual, HIV disease, AIDS, object


This article analyzes the concept, signs and characteristics of the object of the crime of sexually transmitted or HIV/AIDS. The article describes the number of sexually transmitted diseases or the crime of spreading HIV/AIDS around the world and the statistics of the crime of spreading a sexually transmitted disease or HIV/AIDS in our republic in 2014-2022. Also, the opinions expressed by many scientists on the crime of spreading the sexually transmitted disease or HIV disease/AIDS have been studied, and the author has justified his scientific views on this. In addition, foreign countries such as Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Moldavia have been studied and compared according to the object of the crime. Also, the author has put forward his conclusions and suggestions based on the scientific analysis of the crime of spreading sexually transmitted diseases or HIV/AIDS.




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