Respiratory System Physiology Study


  • Babaeva Shakhlo Samarkand state university of veterinary medicine, livestock and biotechnologies 140131 Samarkand, Uzbekistan
  • Mamatova Ozoda


Breath, external breath, internal breath, oxygen, carbon dioxide, lungs, nasal cavity, oral cavity, throat, larynx, larynx, bronchi, alveoli, external and internal dentate muscles, elasticity, negative pressure, inspiration, expiration, vital air capacity, total air capacity, dead space, ventilation coefficient, minute ventilation volume, gas exchange, gas transport.


In this article, the essence, stages and mechanism of breathing. Types of breathing, speed. Ventilation coefficient of the lungs. Gas exchange in the lungs. Transport of gases with blood. Oxygen capacity of blood. The control of the respiratory process and the influence of various factors on it are suppressed.




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