Effective ways of teaching English to young learners


  • Ibraimova Gulmira Askarovna Nukus State Pedagogical Institute, Department of the Pedagogy Doctor of Philosophy( PHD) in Theory and history of Pedagogy, Nukus. Karakalpakstan


Teaching English, Young learners, Effective methods, Engaging activities, Interactive learning, Games, Songs


Teaching English to young learners requires a different approach compared to teaching adults. This abstract explores effective ways of teaching English to young learners, focusing on strategies and techniques that can help engage and motivate children to learn the language. The abstract will discuss the importance of creating a fun and interactive learning environment, incorporating games, songs, and activities that appeal to children's interests and learning styles. Additionally, the abstract will highlight the significance of using visual aids, storytelling, and repetition to reinforce language concepts and improve retention. Overall, this abstract aims to provide insights into best practices for teaching English to young learners and help educators enhance their teaching methods for this age group.




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